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Windrush Festival

  • January 29, 2016

  • | £10.00

Windrush 67 is growing, and what I love about it is this , you see every colour, you see Muslims, Christians, Rastafarians, Catholics, black, white, mixed , Europeans etc all together enjoying each others company. Hopefully Preston City Council might just open their eyes to how special this event can be. I think Chris Bruney setting up his own Dominican camp might have started something though. Trust me he came down early to do that.

Thanks to all of you who came down, behaved yourself, enjoyed yourselves and made the event what it is.

Special thanks to Tony Parkinson for all his efforts in helping me with Windrush 67, Then & Now, The Black Experience , Christmas Party, Tony has been there all year round. Honestly he’s not a bad guy, I couldn’t do without him trust me. I’ll still slag him off next year.
and I have to also add Papa G for such short notice for the event Coming To England and Isa Cole on the same day. Thanks guys
Rasta Claus ( John Devey ) grew into his role this year he was absolutely fantastic
Rick Star and Eddie G who have been there all year round.

I have to also very quickly add talking to Stephen Bayliss & Geno Eccles after Windrush 67 and those guys telling me what it means to them, it makes me want to try harder to make Windrush 68 even bigger.
If I’ve forgot anyone forgive me & Happy New Year

Look out for The Big Brother Project, Soul Rush and Windrush 68 feel the rush, the biggest and best yet. Much love to you all.


January 29, 2016


Adrian Murrell


Guild Hall
+90 123 1231231

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